• “Sooo Tender”

    - Jill M.

  • "Tons of Food Here"

    - Mike R.

  • "Porky delicious"

    - Mark G.

  • "Meat is just falling off the bones"

    - Jeff C.

  • "Tastes good!"

    - Orman K.


  • Frequently Asked Questions

    How is the hog cooked?
    We cook all of our hogs and most other meats in an self contained commercial wood smoker. We use a variety of hardwoods, primarily Apple wood from a local orchard.

    How long is the hog cooked?

    We slow smoke the hogs for 12-16 hours.

    Do you need anything from us?

    Our smoker needs to be plugged into a standard 110 outlet. We can bring a generator if power at your site is unavailable. We also need to have access to potable water.

    Do you cook the hog at our location?

    Typically we start cooking the hog the night before and bring him to your location inside the cooker. Often times he is done cooking when we arrive, but we can come early to fill the yard with the wonderful smell of the cooking process.

    Can we have pictures taken with the finished hog?

    Of course! We always allow for picture time before, during and after we begin serving the hog. Kids love this.

    What happens to the leftovers?

    All leftovers are yours to keep. There is often much left over, so we suggest you be sure to have containers available for leftovers.

    What about trash, I don’t want a mess left behind.

    We clean up our serving area after each event. We bag up all of the remains (bones, skin ect.) and they are yours to dispose of from there.

    Is my event to far away / do you travel this far?

    We will go anyplace the roads will go. We do charge for travel expenses to and from your location. Basically the price of the gas we need and any tolls involved.

    Can I customize my own meal package?

    Absolutely!! Go wild, we love working outside of the box!

    I want the fresh smoked pork, but don’t really want to see the hog cooking, or at all.

    No problem. We can either render all of the meat from a hog for you and bring it in metal containers. Better yet, we can cook pork butts for you and make pulled pork.

    My guest list is smaller than 40 people. Can I still do a pig roast?

    Yes, you can. However, it becomes cost prohibitive since we still need to charge you for the smallest size hog we cook. A better option would be to have us make pork butts.