• “Sooo Tender”

    - Jill M.

  • "Tons of Food Here"

    - Mike R.

  • "Porky delicious"

    - Mark G.

  • "Meat is just falling off the bones"

    - Jeff C.

  • "Tastes good!"

    - Orman K.


  • About Us

    Officially started in 2000 Well Dressed Hog has been bringing REAL Southern BBQ to quests ever since, handling from 20 to 800 hungry people.

    It all started in the backyard. Perfecting the art of slow cooking with smoke takes lots of time, meat,  patient friends, and beer of course!   Moving forward we started offering catering to small events like Motorcycle Charity fundraisers. Poker runs, Toy runs ect. It was a cool way to hang with my friends, practice my craft, learn how to handle and what to expect from a crowd of hungry people. Always good times.

    The name Well Dressed Hog came about in 1999. After a number of less than family friendly ideas, we settled on Well Dressed Hog since a butcher sells dressed hogs, and when we are done with them they are now Well Dressed Hogs.

    Catering on the weekends became more and more of a regular thing, doing not only BBQ but good old comfort foods as well. In 2001  we purchased a very old lunch truck. After refurbishing and refitting it to serve BBQ it was opened as a roadside eatery. We had lots of happy customers, but also lots more greedy city officials. Looking to get their hands greased in a monetary way, they came away with only pig fat on their hands.

    Tired of this, we were convinced that a permanent location would be a better option. Well Dressed Hog BBQ and Catering opened on 3rd St. in Dover NH.

    We made a run at that for 4 years. When it came time to renew the lease, we were faced with a 67% increase in the rent. That made no sense, or cents, whatsoever. The doors were closed in March of 2007, and it has been private party catering ever since.

    During all these years we have catered large company events of up to 800 employees, fundraisers, weddings galore and any other type of gathering you can imagine. We love what we do, we come to feed you and have fun. 

    Pig Roasts and BBQ of all kinds are served up at any location the customer desires. We are totally mobile and can serve up to 5 pigs at a time along with all the fixings. We can customize a menu for any size party. Since a pig roast  feeds a minimum of 40 people, we offer other tantalizing options besides a whole pig, to fit the size of your group better.  Check out our menu page to see more.